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Automatic car washing equipment can sewage recycling when washing the car, to sa

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Automatic car washing equipment can be used in a circulating water equipment, water can be reduced by 1/3 of the original, the rational use of water resources more effectively, energy saving and environment protection.


A, the type of driving cars external cleaning machine: mainly by the parked car wash machine, pump room, the buffer pool and mechanization of spray cleaning device and other parts.

Second, straight through comprehensive washing machine: consists of two parts, washing and scrubbing. When cleaning the car chassis and body, vehicles parked in a fixed location. Before the spray frame used for flushing the van chassis, after spray used to flush the trailer and the back of the articulated buses. Two side jet aircraft flush the cargo owner, trailer profile, bridge by hydraulic wheel washing.

Three, cleaning auxiliary equipment: mainly refers to recycling of separation, sewage treatment and drainage device. Trucking every cleaning of sludge has 10 ~ 50 kg, if the car wash every day 100, sludge up to 1 ~ 5 t. If improper sewage treatment, not only affect the water quality, but also could lower the automatic car washing equipment or losing the ability to clean, and pollute the environment. Therefore, must do a good job of the sewage recycling.

Many different kinds of automobile automatic car washing equipment, automobile external cleaning equipment at present, according to the use of cleaning agent can be water (cold, hot water, steam, and chemical detergent three; According to equipment resettlement way points, in both mobile and stationary; Points according to the use, has lifted up the wash, wash and side wash three kinds, according to the water pressure points, which has two kinds of low pressure and high pressure cleaning.

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