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Automatic car washing equipment manufacturers to introduce the common maintenanc

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Automatic car washing equipment manufacturer with everybody about automatic car washing equipment maintenance what should do?


Automatic car washing equipment is using computer control brush and a machine of high pressure water to wash the car. Mainly by the control system, circuit, gas path, waterways and mechanical structure. It is flush with plenty of flowing water body, will pass after washing machines, automatic drying procedures, can put the remaining in the body blow out all the crevice water, have played an important role in protect the car interior components, at the same time, avoids the phenomenon of sediment scratch paint completely. Automatic car washing equipment technology advanced, modelling beautiful, have a variety of fully automatic washing programs to choose from. It through the photoelectric system testing, the computer analysis to calculate the best position and strength of various actions, to achieve the best effect for car washing.

Automatic car washing equipment manufacturer during normal maintenance:

First, check the machine.

Second, check the parts.

Third, the maintenance chain, brush, orbit.

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