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Computer car washer using method and the advantages and disadvantages of artific

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Special computer car washer light wax: is to extract produced pure plant essence of pollution-free car wax on the surface of the light, it does not hurt the car paint, dispel body surface moisture, adds brightness to paint. Further increase of the protection of the body.

Special computer car wash foam wax and wax light: the use of special computer car washer washing liquid is usually called foam wax, the product features: this product is rich and exquisite foam, has good cleaning effect and lubrication, PH value is neutral, it does not hurt the car paint, rich in enzyme, antistatic, radiation protection, can effective degradation harmful material washing wastewater production, truly effective environmental protection.

Directions for use: according to the computer car washer pump wax water way determine the matching ratio, the inhalation spray type 1:6 0, high foam tank pressure type 1:0.


1. Computer car washer compared with artificial washing methods, mainly has the following advantages:

(1) quickly and efficiently. Artificial wash a car, less need for 10 minutes, requires more than 20 minutes more, and most computer washing machine wash a car need 5 minutes, for a large quantity of car wash car hairdressing, can greatly improve the working efficiency of the car wash.

(2) safe and reliable. Computer car washer according to design process by computer control the whole process of operation, can completely avoid personal caused by manual operation, equipment accident.

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