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Automatic car washing equipment operation is simple, but pay attention to the in

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Automatic car washing equipment installation is convenient, simple operation, no cumbersome set, one click can only wash the car owners, so seldom fails, its configuration of fault alarm system may at any time to send information services department, report the fault types, let you no longer worry about slow service.

With these modern car wash trade incomparable advantage, automatic car washing equipment is bound to develop rapidly fill the blank of the market and quickly on the Chinese hurricane to blow a self-service car wash.


Automatic car washing equipment cleaning should pay attention to some details in the process of cleaning process, must pay attention to the equipment start and pause, every factory equipment factory basic instructions, to read instructions before operation, be sure to read, don't understand to ask, to realize the function of each key, how to stop, is there a time limit, in the process of washing most equipment factory is a manufacturer of automatic reset time, this is basically a self-service car wash industry rules, and if so, want to ask clear, billing reset time is how many? This general factory is between 10 to 20 minutes.

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